Anorak News | Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Does Irony As Smear Campaign Targets His Son Daniel

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Does Irony As Smear Campaign Targets His Son Daniel

by | 28th, August 2010

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has not been charged with rape. Mr Assange is not a rapist. He is also not a paedophile. Such are the facts. And they can be checked. The search phrase “Assange rape” yields About 4,390,000 results on Google. In not one of those results is he guilty.

A similar search for “Assange paedophile” conjures up 27,100 results. So. Some way to go on that unfounded smear.

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And it is all a smear campaign, as Assange says it is. And, yes, complaining of smear is a bit rich for a man who runs a website that presents leaked documents and videos – leaked by unnamed people for purposes that are unclear.

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At it’s best Wikileaks steps away from the political lobby and tells it like it is. There is no off the record briefing.  At its worst, it is a publication without checks or balances that puts people in danger.

But, then, so-called real journalism if often biased and laced with an agenda. Get a load of the New York Post, which has focused on Daniel Assange, Julian’s son, who lives in Melbourne. The headline says:

My Wiki dad’s just awful with the ladies – Leaker’s son speaks out on sex case

Did he? What Daniel Assange wrote on his Facebook page was:

“That man does have a way of making a lot of female enemies.”

Dad did not say his dad was awful with woman. Daniel goes on to be quoted as having said:

“”Interesting to see whether this is the result of a government plot or personal grudges.”

Plots and grudges against his dad makes dad sound like the victim… Undaunted by the contents of its own article, the Post goes on to push an agenda:

In a Twitter post, Daniel has called his dad “a criminal mastermind with a political vision.”

After US outrage over the Afghan-document leak, Daniel wrote, “I’m half-expecting them to just roll out the PATRIOT act, declare him a terrorist and be done with it.”

This encourages Daniel Assange to write in:

My comments were very much tongue-in-cheek and not intended as serious character assessment (nor indeed to be made public in this manner). I have a great deal of respect for my father and his work, and no doubt that the accusations against him have no basis in reality. This is another piece of sensationalistic idiocy from the NYP.

Also, here’s a hint: If you want to look credible, do try to get your basic facts straight. I’m twenty, not twenty-one, and haven’t been a UoM student since the end of last year.

So much for that attack. Says Mr Julian Assange on that rap claim:

“Currently there are millions of websites around the world with the combination ‘Julian Assange and rape’ as a result of how the prosecutor initially handled the case. The damage they have caused me and WikiLeaks is enormous.”

Indeed. Regardless of your views on Assange, the decision to go public with an alleged rape was grossly unfair.

The upshot for his enemies is that Assange has lost his mystical status and now appears as a normal man with base needs…

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