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Leading German Singles Out The Jewish Gene

by | 30th, August 2010

THILO Sarrazin, who is not a wizard not a drug to combat blood clots, works on the board of Germany’s Bundesbank. He has penned a book called Deutschland schafft sich ab (translation: “Germany does away with itself“) in which, as the Mail notes:

In particular he singles out Muslims for failing to integrate and having low IQs….

Unlike Germans who have a history of thinking for themselves?

‘Muslims immigrants don’t integrate as well as other immigrant groups across Europe. The reasons for this are apparently not based on their ethnicity, but are rooted in their culture of Islam,’ he told Welt am Sonntag.

And then he came to the Jews:

In that same interview, he said “All Jews share a certain gene. Basques have particular genes, that distinguishes them from others.”

What do Jews and Basques have in common, readers? No, not a gene – unless it’s a gene that turns Germans into murderous warmongers.

Franco’s German mates bombed the Basques at Guernica. The German’s then looked to isolate the Jewish gene and eradicate it.

But the millions did not die in vain. Because a powerful German figure’s publishing company will surely hope such scientific and considered words sit up interest in his book. In which case, job done…

Warning: The rest of the book might be about banking and exconomiczzzzzzzzzzzz. (Gilda Radner was right…)

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