Anorak News | Teen Looking To Buy Weed Mistakenly Texts Order To Police Station

Teen Looking To Buy Weed Mistakenly Texts Order To Police Station

by | 4th, September 2010

TO Helena, Missouri, where a teenager is trying to score some marijuana from the local police station.

He sends his text to what he believes is his dealer but inadvertently sends the message to the Lewis and Clark County sheriff.

The message goes:

Hey Dawg, do you have a $20 I can buy right now?”

Sheriff Leo Dutton rubs his chin. Says he:

“I’m thinking, ‘Hey this is odd.’ I was looking around to see if there was someone outside my window playing a prank.”

He texts back (it’s a slow day at the station):

“How much we talking?”

Dutton contacts the Missouri River Drug Task Force.

A detective pretends to be the dealer. He arranges to meet the teenager at an agreed location.

The detective arrives at the meet. He sees two teens and an adult male. He calls them over. He shows the boy his police badge:

Dutton said the young boys turned white and their knees began to wobble. The group went outside to discuss the issue further and one of the teens passed out.

Anyhow, in their wisdom – having enacted the sting of the decade – the cops decide to let the youth go free.

Says Dutton:

“Trying to buy drugs is a crime, but it’s probably worse that they had to face their parents.”

Trying to buy drugs is a crime? What about wasting police time..?

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