Anorak News | Police Arrest Man With $1500 Tied To His Scrotum

Police Arrest Man With $1500 Tied To His Scrotum

by | 10th, September 2010

STEVEN Black was arrested by Florida police with $1,500 tied to his scrotum. No, not in change. This was not an experiment in elongation. The money was in notes. It as attached to his testicles with a shoelace.

(Note to Wayne Rooney – this is how you might pay for it Wayne. You do it with style.)

The storey takes us to a Missouri bank where Black and his gang are attempting to cash a fake check using a stolen driver’s licence. The bank teller spots the scam and alerts police.

Black and his associates were involved in a scam using driver’s licences stolen from cars to obtain credit cards and forge bad checks, which they then attempted to cash at various financial institutions.

Police arrive. Black and his chums get into car and speed off. They soon dive into a lamp post.

Black is searched and the novelty purse discovered. The denomination of the bank notes is not known, but dollar bills have not been ruled out…

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