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Gareth Williams: So It Was Suicide?

by | 13th, September 2010

WHEN news broke that Gareth Williams, the MI6 worker, had died in mysterious circumstances, Anorak said that it would not be long before his death was passed off as a suicide, like that of Dr David Kelly. It was not entirely said in jest.

In August , we asked:

Anyone else think the murderous gay lover ploy is being enacted? Or maybe – get this – he did a Dr David Kelly and committed suicide?

Did Codebreaker Gareth Williams Lock Himself In A Bag?

Williams was being smeared from the off in tale of gay sex, cross-dressing and perversions. He was stabbed. And then he wasn’t.

Now the Mail delivers the headline:

Did dead MI6 spy zip HIMSELF into sports bag in bizarre sex game that went terribly wrong?

Well, it is one theory of many. And it would negate any need for murder inquiry. What of the facts?

Police believe the MI6 spy found dead in a sports bag in a bath inside his flat may have died after a bizarre sex game went wrong, according to well-placed sources.

Did MI6 Spy Gareth Williams Kill Himself (Photos)?


The Mail on Sunday has learned that a woman police officer climbed into the holdall in which codebreaker Gareth Williams’ naked body was found, re-enacting the events which it is thought could have led to his death.

She managed to zip up the bag and padlock it from the inside, leading investigators to conclude that Mr Williams may have done the same for sexual kicks and suffocated when he could not reopen it.

More facts:

The theory was bolstered by the fact that a key to the padlock was found alongside his body inside the £150 bag.

Such are the facts about a Government worker who died…


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