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Role Model Paul Danan Guilty Of Drugs And ‘Self Medicating’

by | 21st, September 2010

MOVE over Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, Britain has its own celebrity drugs pillock in the shape of Paul Danan. The former Holyoaks actor was at Stevenage Magistrates Court in Hertfordshire to answer the charge that he had in his possession cocaine and cannabis.

Danan was arrested two days in a row last month after being found wandering around a street in Royston, Hertfordshire, in a drunken state. He also swore at police officers.

In court, Danan drew from the daytime telly glossary and says he has been “medicating myself” (therapy speak for getting twatted) for anxiety and depression.

Danan admits to everything. He is duly fined £350 and referred to a drugs agency for support.

Says his brief David Stott:

“He works as an actor and he’s appeared in relatively well-known parts in the past but recently he’s not been in regular work. That’s of concern to him and as a result he’s been suffering from depression and anxiety and is taking prescribed anti-depressants.”

Says Danan:

“I apologise to anyone out there that sees me as a role model.”

When everyone had stopped laughing and fearing for the mental wellbeing of anyone who looks up to Danan he added:

“I have to be patient and realise I am good at what I do and I can make a comeback.”

Well, a spot of drugs and he’s back in the news. The comeback has begun…

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