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Jon Venables, Andy Coulson And Sources Say

by | 21st, September 2010

JON Venables has not committed suicide. The Mirror’s Tom McTague says that one of James Bulger’s killers is no longer on suicide watch.

As he told a guard:

“Life is better in jail. It’s never been so good. I’ve got everything I need and I’m far happier in here than out there.”

Did he really say that? How do we know he told this to a guard? Is a guard talking to the pres on the QT, dropping stories, perhaps in exchange for cash? If so, that would be illegal. And the Mirror hates illegality.

Since September 9 2010, the Mirror has published 32 stories on Andy Coulson, the former NoTW editor who now works as David Cameron’s spin doctor.

On Coulson’s watch at the NoTW voicemails were hacked. The Mirror is hot on that story from four years ago.

But what of this latest news that Venables – the child who killed a child – is living the life of Riley? How did McTague come by it? The journalist tells us:

But he has now started to enjoy his second stretch behind bars – where he can lounge around watching TV and playing computer games at tax-payers’ expense… The killer, 28, never has to meet other inmates and is waited on by his guards from dawn to dusk.

Venables committed a heinous crime, and then dabbled in child pornography (a crime for which he is currently inside). His crimes are indefensible. But he is in the news because he was child when he killed James Bulger. To the media, his age makes him more guilty.

No punishment can be too great. And that would be fine if the rule was applied evenly to all felons…


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