Anorak News | Doctors Set Blackburn Patient’s Foot At Wrong Angle: Photo

Doctors Set Blackburn Patient’s Foot At Wrong Angle: Photo

by | 21st, September 2010

TO Blackburn, Lancashire, where Michael Loftus has had his foot set at the wrong angle to his leg by medics at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Mr Loftus, 24, of Rockcliffe Street, Blackburn, went to hospital after he fell down some steps and suffered breaks to his fibula and tibia.

One day after the accident he was in the Royal Blackburn Hospital. His foot is reset – 10 degrees to the right.

His feet now tell the time in Madrid.

Says Mr Loftus:

“They were going to send me home because they didn’t even realise there was something wrong with it at first. You can see it straight away. It’s slanted to the right hand side. It’s painful around my ankle. It’s just a shambles.”

Twelve days on he remains in hospital waiting for an operation to reset the foot. The surgery has been cancelled three times.

“It’s been nearly two weeks and I’ve been nil by mouth three times now, not eating ready for an operation.”

What says the experts?

The Lancashire Telegraph’s health expert Dr Tom Smith said it was an ‘unacceptable’ mistake.

Can we have second opinion..?

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