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Chantelle Houghton And Sam Preston: The Sex, Marriage And Kids

by | 22nd, September 2010

CHANTELLE Houghton says she can’t wait to get married and have Sam Preston’s children. Only, they aren’t dating just yet. They were planning a second honeymoon, without the sex (unless it was on the phone).

And then there is Preston’s girlfriend.

Maybe they can all hook up on party line and have a threesome for the telly “sex war”?

Ever since Big Bother ended, and Chantelle and Preston shared a roof in a TV studio, the Daily Star and OK! have been pushing them together. It began with a “24 Hour LOVE IN”.

And Preston and Chantelle have been willing celebs. In this week’s OK! they each give an interview on their made-for-tabloid will they / won’t they romance and each other.

Pages of puff and balls can be distilled into:

Chantelle: “… I’m really confused about everything…. I wanted to meet up with Preston but we haven’t had a chance yet.”

Can OK! mediate?

Chantelle: “But I know Preston and I know he does love me…”

Preston: “I’m sure she believes she’s in love with me”

Preston: “I think what made our marriage so successful for the short period of time [8months] was the fact it was based on such a solid friendship”

Define success?

So, Preston, are you in love with Abby, his girlfriend?

Preston: Yes, I guess I am”

More sensation to follow…


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Chantelle Houghton and friend are seen leaving Nobu in Mayfair and heading to the Funky Buddha in central London.

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