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Gateshead Men Burn Korans: Video

by | 24th, September 2010

WANT to see the video of the six Gateshead men burning two copies of the Koran by the Bugle pub in Felling? Well, here it is.

One of the men says they all “regret” the incident. And with the likelihood of being charged with inciting racial hatred, regret can come in the shape of a criminal record.

As for the video… Well, it’s all a bit rubbish. The six, dressed in supermarket own-brand tracksuits and J Cloths dance about like toddlers climbing the Duke of York’s Hill and then burn what they say are Korans with petrol, the finale being when the petrol can catches fire.

Anorak recalls another infamous burner to things – the demonstrator who set fire a U.S. flag during a demonstration in the centre of Peshawar, Pakistan, on Monday Oct. 8, 2001 and set himself alight.

If we are to take anything from this it should be that idiocy is no respecter of race, religion or colour…

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