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The Apprentice: Christopher Farrell Attacked As Amtwats Return

by | 30th, September 2010

THE Apprentice is back on the telly and to celebrate it the tabloids are targeting the show’s first hate figure. There will be many. It’s not Sir Fred Goodwin. It’s Christopher Farrell.

The Star lead with news that Farrell once stood in a court while a brief alleged he “HIT WIFE WITH KNUCKLE DUSTER”. (That’s his wife Claire – and the allegation was not proved.)

Well, if Sure Alan has given your knuckledusters and told you to sell them to bailiffs, doormen and the WI you need to advertise their effectiveness, right? “Gis your money or I’ll smash yer face in” is a refreshing change to the usual talk of pink-sky thinking and the kind of corporate self-help book tosh uttered by this year’s knob supreme contestant Alex Epstein:

“I’m a maverick, I worked for a maverick, Sir Alan’s a maverick.”

At Plymouth Crown Court, Farrell earned a conditional discharge and a fine for £837 costs for having knuckledusters and an extendable baton in his car (a Mercedes). The Star says “telly bosses” were not told of Farrell’s conviction as they prepared for the “cut-throat” reality TV show.

And the Sun leads with news that Farrell is “allegedly” a “FRAUD”. Farrell was once, reportedly, arrested by police over alleged financial irregularities at the mortgage firm where he’d worked for 10 months. The Sun says he’s been “freed on police bail” til October 27, three weeks into the new series.

Forget working for Sir Alan – get Farrell a job running a newly restored Lehman Brothers.

It’s all brilliant stuff. The tabloids edit Farrell’s life into accusations; The Apprentice edits it into soundbites that make him and his colleagues look like psychotic pillocks.

The Amtwats are back and it’s time to get the knives out…

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