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Beckham And Shery Shabani Photos: The Model Stands In

by | 2nd, October 2010

DAVID Beckham is linked to Shery Shabani – he’s mentioned in the woman’s divorce papers. Shery’s husband Joseph has, allegedly, made some comments about the mum-of-two having sex with Becks.

Shery says it is nonsense. Becks laughs it off. And the husband offers no proof. But the Sun needs to sell the front page nonstory – and what better way to do that than with photos of a fit young woman on its front page.

Is that Shery? If it is she’s a bit of alright, eh, readers. Only it’s not her. It’s a model showing of Shery’s jewel designs on a website.

Mum of two Shery is attractive but not attractive enough, it seems, to push a story about a another woman Beckham has not had sex with.

Doss the Sun, which prides itself on knowing the truth about Beckham and Irma Nici – it says the Bosnian prostitute is a “liar” – massage how the facts are presented?

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