Anorak News | X Factor Round Up: Nicolo’s Screwdriver, Cher’s Expulsion And Katie Waissel’s Legacy

X Factor Round Up: Nicolo’s Screwdriver, Cher’s Expulsion And Katie Waissel’s Legacy

by | 2nd, October 2010

IT’S the X Factor, and time to look at the nutjobs, fruit loops and outsiders trying unsuccessfully to beat Cher Lloyd and win the show. Wagner is in the house. (Lock the doors!)

First up it’s Nicolo Festa singing Paloma Faith’s New York:

I’m down to Earth and modest. I was born in Southern Italy during my second or third year I was singing in front of the TV, I still didn’t have a microphone but I was using screwdrivers.

On his throat.

Then Cher failed to sing. Good on her. All favourites get a free week and this was hers. But even without any notes, Cheryl Cole still said Cher had got “it“; and a sympathetic back story began to build in the tabloids:

“She was suspended for a few days after a catfight at school,” an X Factor spokesman tells the Daily Record. “She says she was the victim of bullying and was standing up for herself.”

And while Cher plays the feisty victim, Katie Waissel plays with our minds:

“I want to be a legacy. I’m not sure what type of idol I am as there isn’t anyone out there in the market like me right now. I don’t think there ever has been. I want to be a star in music, film, fashion, arts, medicine, everything. At the forefront of my mind is to go out there, focus and nail the song. I will be a star. I will do this. I will not take no for an answer.”

Of course this is a neat TV set up. The researcher asks the wannabe what kind of an idol they would be and like a fool they answer. This does not make it any less fun for the viewers looking for a hate figure. And right now Katie is the front runner to make that role her own…

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