Anorak News | X Factor 2010: Gamu Nhengu Passes Highly Skilled Visa Test To Stay In UK – Proof

X Factor 2010: Gamu Nhengu Passes Highly Skilled Visa Test To Stay In UK – Proof

by | 6th, October 2010

X FACTOR 20101: Had Cheryl Cole put Gamu Nhengu through to the show’s live final would the 18-year-old and her family have been allowed to remain the UK?

Gamu, born in Zimbabwe, has to leave the UK. Her mother Nokuthula Ngazana’s visa ran out in August. The family have been staying in central Scotland for eight years.

The family could stay in the UK so long as Ms Ngazana studied at university. But now that visa has expired.

So. What are Gamu’s options. Well, she could get married quickly to a UK citizen. But Louis Walsh is busy and Simon Cowell is taken.

Or she could apply for a working visa, offered to skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Is Gamu highly skilled? Well, yes. Although according to Cheryl Cole Gamu is not as highly skilled as Cher Lloyd, Katie Wassel and Rebecca Ferguson, who did get picked to go through.

Many disagree.

So. Can Gamu qualify for a working visa from the UK Border Agency? To be highly skilled you must prove:

“…you do not need a job offer if you are applying as a highly skilled worker. When you apply, you are awarded points based on your qualifications, your previous earnings, your UK experience, age, your English language skills and your maintenance (funds).”

You must score:

• 75 points for your attributes (age, qualifications, previous earnings, and experience in the United Kingdom); and
• 10 points for English language; and
• 10 points for available maintenance (funds).

The process costs £1,095.

You must have £800 of available funds in your account and these funds must have been continuously in your account for a period of 90 consecutive days when you apply.

We took the test on Gamu’s behalf. She passed. A couple of questions had no obvious answers. There is no space for “entertainer”. We do not know if Gamu has taken an English test (although it is clear that she speak English fluently) nor if she has work experience or academic awards. And we made an estimate as to her earnings based on her doing well on the show.

This is how it went.


Language skills

Gamu is highly skilled and can stay!

Education Awards






She qualifies!

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