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Virgin Mary Lost And Found In Blackburn Hospital

by | 6th, October 2010

THERE was a report in the LT last week about a Virgin Mary statue being stolen from Blackburn hospital’s chapel, writes reader Karen.

“Officers have described the theft as a ‘despicable, tasteless’ crime which has ‘some degree of pre-meditation.’ The statue was screwed into place in the Haslingden Road Hospital’s chapel and stolen on September 18 around midday.”

CCTV footage of two adults and a child was displayed with the article and the police made a plea for information.

Today it’s reported the statue has been found.

A VIRGIN Mary statue believed to have been stolen from a hospital has been found – in another section of the site being used in a shrine.

Relatives of a man in intensive care, a member of a travelling family, had set up the shrine by his hospital bed, using several religious artefacts, including a Virgin Mary statue ‘borrowed’ from the hospital’s chapel.”

I found today’s update quite touching and don’t think the ‘theft’ was quite as “despicable and tasteless” as they first thought.

The comments about ‘Gyppoes’ have already started. It won’t get nearly as many as the Asian stories though.

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