Anorak News | Krays Associate Smashes Windows To Prove He’s Not A Paedophile

Krays Associate Smashes Windows To Prove He’s Not A Paedophile

by | 7th, October 2010

JOHN Raymond Searl, 74, was so desperate to prove he was not a paedophile he broke two windows of Graham Knapp’s house in Hillsborough thinking that when his life of crime was read out in court there would be no mention of any sexual assaults on children.

Searl had been in jail for armed robberies in the 1950s. (He met the infamous Kray twins in Parkhurst jail in the 1960s. He claims they nicknamed him ‘The Iceman’ for being cool under pressure. See broken windows.)

Searl was upset at rumours that he’d served an 8-year-senteced for being a paedo.

Searl is arrested. At Sheffield Magistrates’ Court after he pleads guilty to criminal damage.

His brief, Karen Moxonsmith, tells Sheffield Magistrates’ Court:

He has a heavy record and has served time in prison, but there is nothing relating to sex offences. He was so upset by the allegations he thought this was the best way to clear his name.”

Searl addresses the court:

“Spreading rumours like this is the worst crime in the world – people think there’s no smoke without fire. I asked the police to inform my accusers of my record, but they wouldn’t even reveal it to me. This was the only way for it to be made public to confirm I’m no paedophile.”

Spreading rumours is the worst crime in the world – says the armed robber who says Reggie Kray was a “smashing guy, he organised a lot for charity. We had meals together and had a laugh and a joke. Real gangsters are very quiet, they were gentlemen.”

Unless you’ve got a cash business they like the look of…


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