Anorak News | Paul Henry’s Dikshit TV ‘Racism’ Is Good For Ratings

Paul Henry’s Dikshit TV ‘Racism’ Is Good For Ratings

by | 8th, October 2010

SHEILA Dikshit, leading light of the Indian Commonwealth Games, is amusing New Zealand TV presenter Paul Henry. Dikshit is, undoubtedly, a name to conjure with. But Henry says the name is “so appropriate” because she is Indian.

This is the same Paul Henry who described Susan Boyle as “retarded”. Says he:

“The dip sh*t woman. God, what’s her name? Dick Sh*t. Is it Dick Sh*t … it looks like ‘Dick Sh*t’. It’s so appropriate, because she’s Indian, so she’d be dick-in-sh*t wouldn’t she, do you know what I mean? Walking along the street … it’s just so funny.”

But this is not why Henry has been suspended. He’s on gardening leave for asking the country’s Prime Minister, John Key, if New Zealand’s governor-general Sir Anand Satyanand, who was born in New Zealand to Indo-Fijian parents, was even a Kiwi:

“Is he even a New Zealander? Are you going to choose a New Zealander who looks and sounds like a New Zealander this time?”

All the kind of stuff that should boost ratings and make his employer’s happy. He won the inaugural People’s Choice TV award in 2010.

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