Anorak News | X Factor 2010: After Katie Waissell Treyc Cohen Is Another Fix?

X Factor 2010: After Katie Waissell Treyc Cohen Is Another Fix?

by | 10th, October 2010

X FACTOR 2010: Treyc Cohen – you’ve seen her before. The wildcard entry was on the X Factor last year. Simon Cowell sent her home. But this is the post-Gamu super supportive X Factor, and Simon Cowell is licking his eyeballs and doing his DJ Nicey impression saying how great all the singers are.

How manipulative is the show? Well, in 2009, Simon Cowell told Treyc she was “missing that star belief”.

She is kicked off. But in 2001, Treyc is back on the show because, as Simon tells her:

“Your body language is vulnerable and you don’t have any confidence. I am amazed that we overlooked you in this competition.”

Do you see how she has changed? Or is it that there have now been so many TV singing shows that the losers are coming round again? Says Treyc:

“I’m glad to have been invited back as I had quit my job in the call centre and was ready to move to London and become a singer full-time. I feel so lucky.”

Only, Treyc is not just call centre drone.

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Meet Stu Perry – who co-wrote Treyc’s debut single as profession artiste called A Time To Be Heard.

Perry tells the News Of The World:

“It’s a total fraud. The X Factor is making it seem like Treyc’s coming from nowhere and desperately trying to make it big. But she’s already in the system, with a management deal and a record on release. They’re trying to hush it up.”

Like Katie Waissel and all of them?

“It’s a sham. The public are paying money on votes. They don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

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They do. The public can not longer be no ignorant – not if they have read this and this. But this is rumoured to be Simon Cowell’s last outing in the show on which he is the only truy star – and if he can keep the myths and the spin going for few mother weeks, everything will be ok…

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