Anorak News | X Factor 2010: Mugbabe’s State Occasion For Gamu Nhengu

X Factor 2010: Mugbabe’s State Occasion For Gamu Nhengu

by | 11th, October 2010

X Factor 2010: did you know that Robert Mugabe is happy that Gamu Nhengu is heading back to Zimbabwe? It’s  a tabloid fact. And Mugabe is not happy because Gamu is to be shot dead by his goons. He’s happy because Richard Chibvongodze says he is. And the Sun echoes the words:

Richard Chibvongodze, of the Department of Internal Affairs, added: “The Politburo are rubbing their hands in glee.”

As the Sunday Express told us one day earlier:

“The Politburo are already rubbing their hands in glee. This will demonstrate to Zimbabweans that the British are heartless and will never do anything to assist citizens of this country. Nokutula Ngazana and her family were not asylum seekers. They left this country perfectly legally, so won’t be in trouble when they return. In fact, they will be feted as true heroes of Zimbabwe.”

Only, Zimbabwe does not have a department of Internal Affairs. It has a department of Home Affairs.

And we’ve called the Zimbabwe embassy in London and they can find no Richard Chibvongodze at the home Affairs department.

You don’t suppose he’s been made up, do you?

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