Anorak News | X Factor 2010: Katie Waisell Now Nation’s Favourite

X Factor 2010: Katie Waisell Now Nation’s Favourite

by | 14th, October 2010

X FACTOR 2010: Can Katie Waissel be so relentlessly attacked by the tabloids that she ends up being loved by the British who do so love a helpless creature.

Disco Dad Storm Lee sees the potential of getting on with Katie. Will he shag her?

“Why not. We’re really close. She’s a bit of a muse for me.”

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Storm then undoes his own work by called Lady Gaga a “bit of a soulmate”. Yeah, Gaga has a soul – and you thought she was Madonna’s camel, an empty hybrid of all pop’s marketable bits wrapped in cow fat.

Time for quick sob story about Our Katie. A source tells everyone:

But as outgoing and quirky as she is, she’s only human and she is in tears over the bullying tactics people are using to get her out of the show. She collapsed in tears on Monday night, she hasn’t been eating or sleeping. Then to cap it all, her voice has gone and she went to see a doctor who told her she had to rest and put her on antibiotics.”

Katie Waissel behaves like a girl! Read. All. About. It.

Back to the growing fan club. Here’s Joe McElderry:

Katie’s gone from being a receptionist to people calling her names. I’m like, ‘God, give her a chance, you know.’ It’s fair enough everybody having an opinion. But just give them a chance before you knock them down.”

Well, Joe, Katie has had a few chances. And not all that many receptionists are on nodding terms with Dermot O’Leary’s manager and bigwigs at BMG records.

But the Katie chorus is growing. Here’s X Factor 2009 hate figure Danyl Johnson, another one whom Cheryl Cole did not like:

“I wish that everyone would lay off her.”

And then there’s walking Toffee Crisp Alex Reid who “really likes” her.

So. Katie Waisell wins the X Factor. Well, no. Dot Cotton’s Team America puppet Cher Lloyd is the winner in waiting, or the god–awful One Direction, aka One Haircut, because it’s time a boyband won and with Cheryl Cole off to crack America (in the face) it’s time for her latest version.

The X Factor doesn’t create or find popstars –it regenerates them. It’s like Dr Who with a better script…

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