Anorak News | Manchester Police Tweet Crimes: Man Dangles Dog-Faced Baby From Bridge

Manchester Police Tweet Crimes: Man Dangles Dog-Faced Baby From Bridge

by | 14th, October 2010

GREATER Manchester Police (GMP) are Tweeting their calls today.  They’re having to use three different Twitter accounts because of the high volume of Tweets they’re sending. Twitter keep stopping them.

Readers Karen picks out the best of The Bobbies on The Tweet:

Call 686 man shouts ‘you’re gorgeous’ to woman #gmp24
6 minutes ago via web

Call 674 confused man reporting his tv not working #gmp24
about 3 hours ago via web

gmp24_1: Call 281 member of the public in Salford complains about being woken up #gmp24

And my very favourite so far:

gmp24_1: Call 384 report of man holding baby over bridge – police immediately attended and it was man carrying dog that doesn’t like bridges

Call 349 suspicious noises in loft in Salford #gmp24

Call 392 report of loose cows in Atherton #gmp24

Call 412 report of woman ringing police asking for help to sue benefits agency as she has no money #gmp24

Call 810 Man requesting information regarding motorway parking charges #gmp24

Call 814 Call from a man who hadn’t recieved his benefits #gmp24

call 1333 reports of dustbins being moved in Droylsden #gmp24

update re call 1165 human excrement smeared over police car handles #gmp24

call 1079 Woman reports her horse refuses to come back over bridge #gmp24

call 1169 report of someone putting rubbish in caller’s bin in Rochdale #gmp24

call 1566 report of a burglary in progress owner had lost key in Bowden #gmp24

call 1595 Theft of laptop by sister three weeks ago, Manchester #gmp24

call 1605 report of faulty phone in Sale #gmp24

call 1621 Advice on where caller’s 16-year-old daughter can stay while the caller is on holiday. #gmp24

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