Anorak News | The big decision for the Chilean miners – Apple Vs Sony

The big decision for the Chilean miners – Apple Vs Sony

by | 15th, October 2010

Who’d be a Chilean miner? Well, the downside is that you get to spend 69 days trapped underground not knowing whether you”ll ever see the sunlight again.

But on the upside when you do get to the surface you get half of the world’s brands waiting to shower you with freebies.

Trouble is for the brands get your timing wrong and you end up looking like a bandwagon jumper. Take Apple, who very kindly this week sent the miners free iPod Touchs. Now not wishing to be ungrateful, but I kind of think that said iPod would have been rather more useful when you had nothing else to do thanĀ  play I Spy with your work pals.

The fact that Sony sent the miners a load of PSPs as far back as August makes Apple’s move whiff a little of publicity stunt.

Incidentally the miners didn’t get to use their PSPs for long

The Washington Post reported that the psychologists looking after their mental health during the ordeal banned them from playing the games.

Even worse for the miners – they have apparently been offered tickets for a Man United game. Haven’t they suffered enough?

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