Anorak News | Girl Flushes Kitten Down Toilet: Alannah Merleto You Legend

Girl Flushes Kitten Down Toilet: Alannah Merleto You Legend

by | 20th, October 2010

MARY Bale legend of the Day is Alannah Merleto who flushed her kitten down the toilet. Whereas Bale, 45, and horrific, worthy of death threats and a criminal record for tossing live cat into a bin, Alannah, 3, is “little” and “mischievous”.

The Daily Telegraph (Aus) says the girl’s act of barbarity caused eight firemen to try and save the abused kitten. They succeeded.

“Kitty cat is back,” she said, squeezing the kitten with love as she thanked the fireman.

Take care not to squeeze too hard, Alannah.

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Says Mum Ammie Crofts:

“I asked Alannah if she knew where he was and she said ‘down the toilet. I didn’t believe it could be true. I thought, ‘she can’t have put the kitten down the toilet’.”

She did. Few parents likes to think ill of their child, theta they are capable of cruel acts. The firebrigade helped:

They pulled apart the toilet, and weaved a camera down the pipe. “He was just sitting in the pipe, crying a bit,” Inspector Tim Fox said. A prodding device covered with rags was used to push the kitten 10m to a pipe access point where an officer plucked it to safety.

And then gave the traumatised creature back to Alannah – the legend…

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