Anorak News | Apple Only Sells Censored South Park Muhammad Episodes: UK Fans Duped

Apple Only Sells Censored South Park Muhammad Episodes: UK Fans Duped

by | 31st, October 2010

ON iTunes you can buy the South Park: Uncensored, Season 14 for download. Only, you can’t. It’s the censored version.

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No jokes about Muslims and Muhammad for you. Jews? Yep. Apple says they are funny. Christians? Yep. Funny and dumb. Muslims. Very unfunny. Muslims aren’t allowed to see it in case they find it funny and spontaneously combust.

Anorak reader Tom Knight bought the south Park “uncensored” season and then discovered the mislabelling.

The episodes censored – deemed to racy for impressionable Britishers to download legally – include “200” and “210”.

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Wikipedia describes the episodes thus:


While on a school field trip to a fudge factory, Stan accidentally insults Tom Cruise again by calling him a “fudge packer”. Cruise then recruits 200 other celebrities that have been ridiculed by the town of South Park to bring a class action lawsuit against the town. After being called to the principal’s office, Stan returns to the factory with his dad try to apologize and convince Cruise to drop the suit. An angry Cruise agrees to do so, only if they can help Cruise meet Muhammad. This causes an uproar, as the townsfolk fear that forcing Muhammed to appear in public will drive Muslim radicals to bomb the town. As Stan and Kyle go to the Super Best Friends for aid, it is revealed that Cruise and the other celebrities only want Muhammad for his “goo”, which will make them immune to ridicule.


It’s a tense situation in South Park as Muhammad has become the pawn in the game to save the town. The Ginger kids are threatening to destroy the city if Stan and Kyle don’t hand over the Prophet and the celebrities have met violence with violence by unleashing Mecha Streisand. In the midst of all of this, all anyone really wants to know is, who is Eric Cartman’s father?

Of course, you could always download it illegally. But that would be wrong – much more wrong than mislabelling stuff and censoring out the bits the corporations who profit from the show’s creativity and success don’t agree with…

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