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Danny Baker’s Not In The Cannibal Pot Tonight: Radio Star Has Cancer

by | 1st, November 2010

DANNY Baker is ill. The most talented, amusing, entertaining, insightful, likable people in showbiz – one of a small handful of reasons to pay the BBC licence fee  – has cancer. He writes:

Hello cats and kittens,

Apologies for the cloak and d. over recent weeks. However as it appears this is going to continue for the forseeable I really ought to offer up some sort of breadcrumbs trail as to what’s going on. (As you know I am queasy about introducing vulgar real life onto the vaudeville stage so let’s keep this crisp.)

After a pretty mouldy diagnosis about a month back I finally begin chemotherapy on Monday with further radiotherapy from January. Yes radiotherapy; can you beat it? This being so, the old treehouse baggy pants will be donned but sparingly. Once the quacks have soundly thrashed this thing I shall return like a rare gas and as if out of a trap. In the meantime I am watching Tommy Steele box sets (and has there ever been a more lying title to a film than TS’s “It’s All Happening”?) and urge you all to keep yakking up a storm and laugh extra loud at the incumbents.

Thank you for all the best wishes and concern from those who suspected as much about my “condition” and by all means keep ringing up Baylen and Amy to demand more and more Atomic Rooster and Spooky Tooth records.

So. Manly handshake. Walk right on. In the words of King George, “What what and there it is…”


Take it away, Tommy:


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Who’s cooking?

It’s gonna be hot in the Cannibal pot tonight.
We’ve not got a lot, so be on the spot tonight.
Din-Din! Tum-Tum! Chin-Chin! Yum-Yum!
It’s gonna be hot in the cannibal pot tonight.

The guy who worked the mincer, you remember Chinese Louie?
One day he went to pieces. Poor Louie! Chop Suey!

The Turk who used to work here; used to work behind the slab.
He ain’t behind the slab no more. So grab some shish-ke-bab.

Remember MacNamara? Used to make a hulabalou?
It’s quiet around the place these days. Do you like Irish Stew?

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