Anorak News | Darwen Halloween Facebook Party ‘Mayhem’: We Can Rave Up North As Well

Darwen Halloween Facebook Party ‘Mayhem’: We Can Rave Up North As Well

by | 2nd, November 2010

AFTER news and photos of the London Halloween rave, reader Karen reports on a Facebook party in Darwen, Lancashire. To the Highfield Working Mens Club…

The Lancashire Telegraph tells of “mayhem“. Well, nearly. No smoking inside reported but they had fireworks!

A friend of my kids was there. When they told me she’d been moved on by the Police because loads of gatecrashers turned up at a party, I thought they meant a house party. The WMC is one of those old-fashioned clubs and it’s only quite small so I was a bit surprised about this advert I found when I was Googling:

“Get o…n it events and Lock Down,, Are about to take the Highfield Working Mens Club party to a whole new level,, Lock down and Get on it Events have teamed up to give you all a Halloween Party to talk about.,, with Brilliant djs,, fantastic drink offers, top sound system, these nights are brilliant for a full night or even a warm up dance before you hit the main town 😉 😉 “

Surely, someone was taking the piss.

The report might be:

“There were hundred of them, all dressed up in Hallowe’en fancy dress and mini skirts, all drinking, fighting and setting off fireworks”…

She said: “Four young men were using my driveway as a latrine and my daughter had to wash her car as that had been urinated on as well. It was disgusting.

Holborn ravers have met their match…

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