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Pope ‘Kidnapped’: Printers Refuse To Print Spanish Magazine

by | 4th, November 2010

THE printers of Retranca magazine won’t do their job: they wont print it because they have a “moral disagreement” with its views on the Pope and the Church.

The Galician magazine has been “kidnapped”. The issue was meant to coincided with the Pope’s visit to Santiago de Compostela. It would cause a huge stink and get lots of readers and opinion formers excited.

The media only does religion when it’s controversial, fiddling with children or blowing up jets.

The cover was to say:

“The Pope’s visit will cost 3 million Euros. No miracles of loaves, or fishes, or hosts. I make it rain cash on me.”

Just like with the Pope Fest visit the UK, the local talk is of the cost of looking after him.

The magazine’s director, Kiko da Silva, offers:

“The decision is absurd and has no rhyme or reason. The owner of the press told us not they wouldn’t hand over the copies because they morally disagree with the contents and they will do everything possible to prevent it seeing the light of day. Literally, they said they would not give publicity to such blasphemy.”

Which is a fail – because rather than spoiling the issue or ‘forgetting’ to print it properly, the printers refused – so making the magazine an international story…


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