Anorak News | Roshonara Choudhry Gives The Islamo-Fans Sexy Dreams (And Leicester)

Roshonara Choudhry Gives The Islamo-Fans Sexy Dreams (And Leicester)

by | 4th, November 2010

WHEN Stephen Timms’ would-be murderer Roshonara Choudhry was given a life sentence, a few hardcore Muslims in the public gallery whooped and yelled. They went outside and shouted and yelled some more. Everyone in the media looked at them. So they carried on whooping and yelling. And they made it into the papers and the TV.

The whoopers and yellers are what happens to young men when they choose militant religion over football hooliganism.

The Sun says there is “fury” over the “Islamic ranters”. They are “Venom –fuelled Islamic fanatics”.

The Old Bailey Headhunters are going through a full repetoire of songs:

Curse The Judge – Curse the judge, curse the judge, curse the ju-udge… (repeat to fade)

Anorak picked up a few more:

Come on Islam – Come on you Islam. Cooooome Onnnn Uouuuu Isssssslam

Chim-Chim – Chim chiminee chim chimenee chim chim cherooooo, Redknapp was a Scummer and now he’s a Jew…

Cast A Spell – Gimme an I… I! Gimme an S…

10 – There were 10 suicide bombers…

And Leicester – We all follow the Iiiiiis-laam over land and sea (and Leicester!). We all follow the Islam, onto victoryyyyyyyy. Altogether now…

And many more…

What we see in the papers are three young-to-middle aged men with average density beards holding up A4-sized pieces of paper, or fanzines, if you will. One is wearing adidas tracksuit pants and a hooded top. Another is wearing a  headscarf, thought to be made by Stone Island.

Inside the court and Roshonra Choudhry, says the Mail, smiles as she is given a life sentence. Well, that is the kind of thing nutters do. They smile when the kill and get punished. She wants locking up. And, thankfully, she has been.

So. Let’s recap. One Muslim tries to kill a non-Muslim MP. A few Muslim men stand outside yelling slogans and getting their faces on the news.

And the Daily Express declares on its front page:


What, all of them? And can’t Muslims be British? do British Muslims wants to damn themselves?

The Express says that the small rag-tag groups of fans – now billed as a “mob” – have not been arrested for their outburst.

Why bother arresting them? The UK is network of CCTV cameras and state control. Does anyone think the three Islamo-fans won’t be watched all the way to their bedrooms, with their Osama bin Laden replica duvet covers and posters of Anwar al-Awlaki, rising star of Jihad FC?


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