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Did Woman Put Her Baby In Washing Machine To Kill Her?

by | 7th, November 2010

DID LYNDSEY Fiddler, 26, put her baby daughter Maggie May in the washing machine, a top loader? The baby was in the machine for 40 minutes. The machine was switched on. Lyndsey Fiddler, also a mother to two boys, has been charged with second degree murder.

A relative discovers the scene in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. A call is made to the police:

Fiddler: “My baby is dead.”

Her aunt Rhonda Coshatt is there.

Coshatt: “No I did not kill your baby, you did.”

Says the baby’s father, Benjamin Trammel:

“Inside my heart, I can’t believe Lyndsey would have hurt our little girl. I don’t believe it in my heart to be honest with you.”

The Sun delivers a fact that seems pathetically trivial:

The mum was revealed to have a string of convictions including arrests for assault and failing to put her two boys in car seats

Car seat. Washing machine. Does one lead to the other? This might be more telling:

In April of this year, she was arrested for possession of a controlled drug while she was four months pregnant.

The case goes on…

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