Anorak News | Man Arrested For Collecting Urine In Burger King

Man Arrested For Collecting Urine In Burger King

by | 8th, November 2010

ALAN Patton Jr., of Dublin, Dalware, is accused of using devices to collect urine in public toilets. He is charged with the unlawful collection of a bodily substance.

Patton Jr aroused suspicion when in the men’s toilet at a Burger King eatery.

In June 2008, Patton was arrested at Sports Ohio, for trying to harvest a boy’s urine in a public toilet.

Says one mum, harking back to the good old days when a paedophile and sexual deviant had a puppy and sweets:

“I think more complicated than when I was a kid and it was the old fashion stranger danger. It’s just so off the wall, it’s no longer somebody offering a kid candy on the corner and trying to get them to get into the car.”

On a nostalgic note, then, Patton spent four years in prison for fondling two boys in a Magic Mountain restroom in 1993.

Halcyon days, eh, readers…

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