Anorak News | Dutch Supplied With Scratch-And-Sniff Marijuana Test Cards

Dutch Supplied With Scratch-And-Sniff Marijuana Test Cards

by | 9th, November 2010

TO help the Dutch better identify the good stuff, the country’s government is sending out marijuana-scented scratch and sniff cards to 30,000 Dutch households in Rotterdam and The Hague.

Ok, the idea is to help citizens better identify illegal urban cannabis plantations. Because the one thing no amount of masking tape on the window can hide is the smell.

It is legal in Holland to grow five marijuana plants for personal use. But any more is wrong. In 1976, Holland decriminalised the consumption and possession of up to five grams of cannabis.

The 8in by 4in card declares:

“Assist in combatting cannabis plantations”.

And these plantations must be stopped. Because:

Dutch authorities say the plantations are a hazard which can cause fires or accidents because of the cables and lamps needed to maintain a cultivation temperature of 27C.

So. It’s the illegality that causes the dangers.

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