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Russian Artist Murdered By Online Vote

by | 10th, November 2010

OLEG Mavromatti is offering fans the chance to vote on whether he should live or die. In 2000, the artist was charged with inciting religious hatred for being crucified in a show called Do not Believe Your Eyes. He fled Russia for Bulgaria. But now he says it’s time to give his enemies chance to kill him. Says he of his “normal sociological study”.

As soon as an artist makes a radical move, he is immediately told that he deserves a punishment, with some even speaking of a death penalty. So I decided to give those people a chance to punish the ‘guilty’ artist, whom they dislike so much. Let’s see how ready they are to go ahead with the execution. I have no doubts that they would do it and I want to show that the humanity is not as humane as it thinks of itself.”

The show is online. It’s called Ally / Foe. Mavromatti spends a period each day tied to an electric chair. The more votes he gets the longer her endures an electric shock. There are five shock levels. The fifth level will kill him.

Each shock requires an increased amount of votes for activation. Just 100 votes will give Mavromatti the first 600000V shock, lasting 0.5 seconds. A mere 1,000 votes will get him 5 seconds of shock.

He’s still alive.

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