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X Factor: Pervy Wagner Carrilho Meets An Old Goa

by | 12th, November 2010

X FACTOR: It is Wagner Carrilho’s made-for-tabloid narrative to be a pervert. And Melba Green is here to further the story.

The tabloids have already told us that Wagner saw Mary Byrne naked and kept touching dancers.

No claims of perving have been proven, But because the X Factor creates a soap character for each of its extras, it has been decided that middle-aged Wagner is a letch- that’s him surrounded by nubile, young female dancers pretending to flashing their naked chests at him.

So, to today’s instalment, and we learn on the Sun’s front page :


Wagner is the “X PEST”.

Says the Sun’s Andrew Parker, in a story spread over a picture of 18-year-old topless stunna Rosie:

X FACTOR oddball Wagner Carrilho groped a granny in his car – then tried to sneak a peek at her boobs.

The sick bastard. Looking at an older women is a fetish. Cop a load of Rosie, you nutter. Look! Look! Look! This is the wholesome stuff you should be into.

Melba Green, 61, was flattered at first when the long-haired Brazilian began serenading her as she watched him during a gig.

And she was charmed when he offered to drive her to another boozer in his open-top motor to “discuss his music”

He serenaded her. Then she got into his car. Ok. He’s 54. Go on:

But divorcee Melba said the 54-year-old crooner began “misbehaving” just moments after putting the car roof up – putting his hand on her crotch before resting HER hand on his.

She got out the car? She says they were going to a pub to meet people she had told him she knew in the music biz.

Then, as he dropped her off at her home in Erdington, Birmingham, she said he tried to grab her wrist and steer her upstairs towards the bedroom.

So. He was inside her house? He misbehaved and then she invited him into her home? She says she knew her son would be at home so felt safe and not in danger of the man she claims put his hand on her crotch.

Twice-wed Melba – born in Goa and of Portuguese descent – said the singer finally tugged at her top and stared longingly at her BOOBS before driving off.

She’s a no Goa.

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