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Paris Hilton’s Tennis Girl Pose Is Laughable: Photos

by | 14th, November 2010

PARIS Hilton pulls the Tennis Girl pose, lifting the hem of her top to show her backside in a pose made famous by Martin Eliott’s poster photo. Paris Hilton is all about harnessing someone else’s eroticism, channelling former glories, awkwardly. Before this she was a gawky Marilyn Monroe, a bottle of her new scent – Tease – aimed at her slightly parted lips.

Paris Hilton Boob Watch (photos)

As 14 says: “COME ON, just go ahead and forge the bottle to appear a bit more phallic and show Paris slobbering all over the bottle’s tip.”

At the moment of sale, porn-star Paris ignores the grainy sex footage and drugs busts that make her famous and attempts to emulate something more stylish and classy. And she always fails. It’s the same old balls over and over.

Here’s Paris in our Tennis Girl gallery:


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