Anorak News | X Factor: International Star Katie Waissel Releases Record In US

X Factor: International Star Katie Waissel Releases Record In US

by | 15th, November 2010

X FACTOR news now as Katie Waissel puts pen to paper in a “SECRET US Deal” that Simon Cowell knows nothing about. What?! Katie is an international talent preparing for life after she’s been used up and spat out the X Factor machine and recovered from the stress of having stories made up about her?

Anorak pictures Simon Cowell as a yellow-eyed lizard sat atop a pile of steaming effluent, a Jacuzzi of regurgitated bilge labelled “pop factory”.

His agents stand up seducing wide-eyed wannabes into the blender with a wobbling-headed ambulatory Archie Andrews shouting over a baying mob, “KATIE. KATIE. KATIE… That was are incredible. KATIE. KATIE. That was amazing…

Some news, then, that a budding talent managed to sign a recording contract without Cowell’s knowing. Well, not really. She was signed to Chamberlain records, as we told you. And she’s sings on an album by a David Reed, joining him in a duet called Moving Mountains. Katie appears under her stage name Lola Fontaine.

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Says David:

Moving Mountains is one that defines me– as a songwriter and as a person. I had the life-changing event of meeting the lovely Katie Waissel and she was kind enough to lend her voice to the song. I’m looking forward to you hearing it. In the meantime, here are the lyrics:


But if mountains weren’t meant to move
Then I was meant to stay here with you
Then I was meant to stay here with you
Well I thought I had a good view from my window as a kid
That those mountains protected well I guess they never did

Yep, Katie is good enough to be a singer in the US. But the Sun doesn’t like her and has jumped on the bandwagon that has Katie branded as this year’s hate figure.

But the Sun says X Factor “bosses have been double-crossed after Katie Waissel had a track released in the United States behind their backs.

Wh-aaaaat!!!!! She’s a sneaky cheat?

And yesterday she was poised to quit Britain after secretly plotting a music career in the US.


Now she wants to flee the UK after failing to win over music fans with her performances on TV.

Flee? But she’s one of the country’s top seven budding singers. How has she failed?

Involvement in a current recording contract breaks X Factor rules.

Yep, the rules. Because the X Factor is a real slice of democracy. It’s not a contrived TV show, readers, with fake judges, scripts and editing.

And in case you still do not hate Katie Waissel , the Sun picks up this from the Twitter boards:

One user said: “Katie Waissel needs to die.” Another said: “Who’s coming on a murder hunt with me? Target: Katie Waissel.”

Nice. And if that was not good enough, the Sun – which having harped on about the rules – picks out this gem:

Other fans accused The X Factor of being “a fix”. Michaela Morrell, 21, from Peterborough, said: “How can Aiden have the least votes when this is his first time in the bottom two? Katie Waissel should have gone.”

Katie Waisell knows BMG and Dermot O’Leary’s producers. But aren’t the rules all important? Least votes loses..?


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