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Beckham And How To Sell Erotic Fiction: Molly Parkin Is In

by | 15th, November 2010

BEAUTIFUL Books is reissuing a few of Molly Parkin’s erotic novels on Feb 3, 2011, and I like the styling of the covers.

Where would a 21st Century hunk model be without a Becks-style tattoo on his arm? And the position of the man’s hand on, say, the Full Up cover suggests awareness of the clitoris. Progress must be measured in tentative increments.

I didn’t read Moll’s novels when they were first published in the 70s and 80s and I’m only familiar with three of them because of a serendipitous find in a hospital charity book sale. It was an omnibus edition of three books titled Bosom Pals bought for 40p.

The stories are sexy, funny of course, and still fresh; unlike Jilly Cooper’s early romps which seem very dated now.

I like the opening of Molly’s Switchback which reads:

Blossom Tree opened her eyes. It wasn’t light yet, but she had been rudely awakened (an apt description ,she thought) by her husband’s heavy erection twitching between her warm buttocks. Nosing its way in like a warm torpedo.

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