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TMZ And The Talking Courthouse Plant

by | 20th, November 2010

HOW does corporate porn and paparazzi site TMZ get those celebrity scoops? Well, it does what tabloids have done for decades: it pays people employed in the police force and legal system for information. (Isn’t that how we get news on Jon Venables, any other high-profile prisoners?)

The Los Angeles Times alleges that California spokesman Allan Parachini was feeding tips to TMZ. Another link? Well, yes, his deputy was former TMZ staffer Vania Stuelp. Parachini’s been sacked.

TMZ became the dominant source of celebrity legal news during Parachini’s tenure, but whispers about collusion grew loud in 2008, when he hired Vania Stuelp, a former TMZ reporter, as his deputy. Stuelp returned to TMZ earlier this year after losing her court job in a round of budget-related layoffs.

Job done. If Stuelp was a plant, TMZ has worked well…

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