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Pamela Somerville, Mark Andrews And The Failure Of CCTV

by | 21st, November 2010

SERGEANT Mark Andrews has been acquitted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Andrews was one star of the police video in which Pamela Somerville was dragged into a police cell. She was left unconscious and bleeding from her face, specifically a wound by an eye.

Appeal judge Mr Justice Bean said Somerville’s injuries “were probably caused by her falling to the floor after letting go of the door frame”.

The CCTV images may not tell the full story after all. But the Mail seeks to pad it out. Did you know that Ms Somerville is “a privately educated former market researcher”?

We then learn:

“Ms Somerville, who is now partially blind in her left eye and is awaiting cataract surgery.”

The story is being loaded, is it not?

As it is, Andrews remains suspended from the police force. He is the subject of an internal inquiry, having spent six days in jail.

Says Somerville:

“The CCTV footage of what happens speaks for me as well as the fact there is to be an inquiry.”

The CCTV footage is not the full picture. And is Mr Andrew is cleared then it is worthless. Much like the CCTV footage of Ian Tomlinson being beaten by the police moments before he died.

Which makes us wonder why this country has so many CCTV cameras, the police routinely film crowds and cameras are used to prosecute drivers? The camera never tells the full story – it just make for lazy policing on the cheap that fails…

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