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Manchester Student Demo In Photos: No Violence Means No News Coverage

by | 24th, November 2010

MANCHESTER’S Student demo against fees will not as get as much news coverage as the goings on in London. Anorak’s Woman in the North tells us. She’s looking at the Manchester Evening News live feed:

I hope they’re not all like this idiot

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Join the carnage in Bury. This is going to be London-esque. Bury Town Hall BEWARE!!!

Nothing violent has happened yet so there’s nothing newsworthy. The Bury one has finished peacefully and the Manchester one is very busy and noisy but good-natured according to some of the spectators.

It’s official:

gmpolice: The student protest in Bury has finished. Around 1,200 protestors attended but it was entirely peaceful. Not one arrest made. [via Twitter]

So far, the most interesting things I’ve read about the Manchester protest are a complaint about the price of goulash on the Christmas market and a call to protest at Boots for putting up the price of their meal deal.

The general consensus seems to be that Manchester’s was a peaceful protest so you won’t see much in the papers. They must have sent all the trouble-makers down to London.


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Students march through Manchester during a protest against government plans to raise tuition fees.

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