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Student Demo 2 In Photos: Will They Urinate On The Cenotaph?

by | 24th, November 2010

ON Whitehall students are protesting against fees. It’s Demo 2. And it is live on the BBC and Sky. And all we will read about is the violence.

In Manchester:

The general consensus seems to be that Manchester’s was a peaceful protest so you won’t see much in the papers. They must have sent all the trouble-makers down to London.

In London, one police officer had sustained a broken arm. A student ninja is stood on the top of a police van. The windscreen is smashed. “Pigs” has been written on it and a cone placed on the roof. (The van was parked slap bang in t the middle of the road, somewhat foolishly.) And that’s it.

But Sky News and the BBC have acres of live news to fill so there are shots of people not doing very much and police stopping them from doing anything too newsworthy.

But here’s Kay Burley to say that the student must not graffiti the Cenotaph. Adding: “That will be on the officers’ minds. We don’t really want that…”

No. course not, Kay. Course not. A photo of hooded youths stomping on poppies and spraying the monument with ink and urine to the fallen would be awful telly…


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Demonstrators set a police riot shield alight on Whitehall, following a student protest against government plans to raise tuition fees in central London.

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