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Hertfordshire School Bans Photographs Of Children And Pervy Dads

by | 28th, November 2010

VICKY Parsey, of Applecroft primary school in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, has banned all parents from taking pictures in her school. This is to prevents the pictures falling into the clutches of paedos who will superimpose the kiddies’ faces onto pornographic images.

The four-year-olds in the school’s year book have had their eyes blacked out – so saving one pervert and racoon fetishist the bother of sticking his fantasy masks on them.

The newsletter decrees:

“We will no longer permit the use of videos, photographs or mobile phone camera pictures of any children by parents/carers/visitors during performances and school events”.’

Local MP Grant Shapps, reacts:

“This is absurd – these pictures look like the kids have been taken prisoner. They have created a climate of fear, suggesting that every parent is a paedophile.”

He should have stopped talking after the first three words.

But the real victims are not the kidzzz but the sad dads used to spend the nativity plays and sports days with one eye peering at the goings on through a lens. Sad Dads are a gang of creepy voyeurs to the real-life action. They will now have to watch the show with their eyes and pray to god their thoughts are not infected by the sight of the gym teacher’s netball skirt…

PS – For anyone desperate to see the fabled kids of Applecroft there are pictures of a few of the blonder youths on the school prospectus. Knock yourself out…

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