Anorak News | England Will Win 2018 World Cup Bid If They Expose FIFA’s Real Game

England Will Win 2018 World Cup Bid If They Expose FIFA’s Real Game

by | 1st, December 2010

HAVING given up on winning the World Cup, England are setting about winning the right to be very close when someone else wins the World Cup at Wembley in 2018.

This means a David Beckham-led charge on the headquarters of that greedy, self-serving club for corporate toss-pots called FIFA.

Becks says FIFA’s executive committee will judge England’s 2018 World Cup bid on its merits. Prince William and David Cameron, also along for the show, nod in agreement.

Forget it.

Right now, the England bid is behind those of Russia and Spain/Portugal. Last night the BBC used a Panorama show to allude to corruption at FIFA. This followed the suspension of two FIFA Ex-Co members after a Sunday Times reports into funny money and iffy votes. There was a lot of noise about how the BBC in broadcasting the show was damaging the England bid. The BBC is about bums on seats. The programme was all that good but coming a few says before the big FIFA vote, it caused a story. Job done.

The World Cup is also about TV and marketing. It’s about corporations getting their message across, the besuited ticks sucking at the sport. Forge the lobbying and climbing up the arse of some tin-pot regional robber baron. The nod will go to which bid can answer FIFA’S one and only question that matters: What’s in it for us?

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