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What Links Kate Middleton And Lily Allen? Katie Nicholl Knows

by | 1st, December 2010

LILY Allen and Kate Middleton are two peas in a pod. Allen hasn’t been in the news much latterly, so the time is apt for her to go on Twitter and called Daily Mail gossak Katie Nicholl (can we coin that word?) a “CUNT” and her column “shitty”.

Katie Nicholl’s crime was to suggest that Lily was all set to marry her lover Sam Cooper. Lily Allen’s response is to say,

…you know nothing about the intimate details of my life. There’s a time and a place for your musings where I’m concerned, and it’s not now“.

Lily fails to read Nicholl’s work and realise that eventually Nicholl may well be right – as she was proved to be in the case of her invaluable insights into Kate Middleton and Prince William. Here’s a short history of Katie’s works:

September 5, 2004: “Has the relationship between Prince William and… Kate Middleton run its honeymoon course?”

December 12, 2004: “…now William has told her he wants to split up for good”.

October 9, 2005: “There is a lot of speculation and talk that William and Kate will get married next year…”

March 26, 2006: “Now I can report that a royal engagement could be just weeks away”.

October 28, 2007: “William Tells Kate: You’re My Bride But Not Until 2009”

November 7, 2010: “The Royal Family’s annual Christmas sojourn to Sandringham would be the perfect opportunity”… to announce an engagement…

We wait for new of Lily Allen’s wedding with baited breath…

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