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Carol Needham On Playboy And Page 3: How A Legend Was Made

by | 6th, December 2010

THE Sun recently celebrated 40 years of its Page 3 girls and among them was 70s and 80s pin-up Carol Needham who made 62 appearances in the tabloid. She was also Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for February 1979.

In the present era of free online porn – for which we must thank in part moralistic Google – Page 3 is something of a saucy anachronism, like Carry On films or Basil Brush. Any man admitting to being actually turned on by a Page 3 pic (ie experiencing an erection) would be regarded as a bit sad. But Page 3 cut-out-and-pin-ups still play their part in helping to preserve heterosexual micro-climates in our nation’s offices and portacabins, where perhaps more enlightened workplace legislation has yet to encroach.

Carol Needham now runs her modelling agency Needhams Models and graciously agreed to an email interview with Madame Arcati.

Page 3 Photos: The Top 40 Topless Men

Carol! Poppet! Isn’t it awfully cold today for no clothes? Would you wear real fur?

I wouldn’t wear real fur as imitations – which are just as warm.

Tell me how you got started in the glamour model world? You were only 16, how were you scouted?

I was spotted on the Kings Road by someone who suggested I saw a model agency, which I did and they sent me to see Beverly Goodway who used to shoot the Page 3 pictures in The Sun – the rest as they say is history

A girl with your fine assets should have no problem finding ample work, what was the most glamorous part of the glamour world?

For me it was the travelling as I had never been abroad before and all of a sudden I’m travelling to exotic locations.

How did you become a Playboy Bunny Centrefold? (Click here for more)

I was shooting the Unipart calender in LA when the photographer introduced me to Hugh Hefner and he asked me to shoot a centrefold.

Which is your personal favourite photo of you from those times?

I love my Playboy centrefold and the Unipart calender. I also like a lot of the page 3 photos

What do you say to feminists and others who think Page 3 is down there with female circumcision?

Well I can only answer for myself. Without page 3 I certainly would not have had the opportunities I’ve had. It opened many doors for me and gave me the freedom to choose what I wanted to do.

Poppet! One is 50 and still so fabulous (I am 184 and need a little more support). Can you tell your fans and the pervs who read Madame Arcati how you keep so perky and fresh-faced?

The usual suspects – good diet, vitamins, exercise and a love of life and enjoying being around positive people.

Madame hears you run a modelling agency now. And how is the modelling agency world, has it been hit with the recession?

I have been lucky in that it hasn’t affected me.

You recently attended a party at the Playboy Mansion. Is old Hugh up to his old tricks? Who was there? Was it great fun? [For more of Madame Arcati on Hugh Hefner click here]

The last time I went to the mansion before this was years ago and I expected everything to be different, but it wasn’t – the same décor, faces, a meal followed by a movie. It’s actually very relaxing and low-key. Hef was there with his girlfriend Crystal , who seemed nice.

Body shots. Tequilla or vodka?


Sports bra or balconette?


Have you ever been to a clairvoyant? If so, was she/he correct?


Favourite perfume?

Tom Ford black orchid.

Favourite item of clothing?

Right now – Uggs! Sooo warm. I also enjoy Jack Wills clothing.

Well dearie, Madame Arcati endorses you as the loveliest page 3 pin-up in 40 years of lovelies from News International. [Oh, here’s Carol’s Page 3 page, click click here]

Thank you so much. xx

Page 3 Photos: The Top 40 Topless Men

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