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Wikileaks: 16-Year-Old Dutch Boy Brings Down Visa

by | 9th, December 2010

WIKILEAKS supporters have attacked Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and a Swiss bank. So. Dutch police have arrested a 16-year-old. It’s all disarmingly pathetic. Julian Assange is in jail on an unusual rape charge. And the police are rounding up teenagers in Holland and London.

What’s going on? Youth is not docile and compliant – it is full of vim and guts. Listen to it.


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Police clash with protesters in Parliament Square, London, as part of a protest against the rise of university tuition fees.

Here’s what the The Netherlands’ Public Prosecution Service says (Google translation)

Commissioned by the National Prosecutor, the High Tech Crime Team of the National Investigation in The Hague last night a 16-year-old boy arrested, presumably involved in the digital attacks by sympathizers WikiLleaks to include the websites of Mastercard and Paypal…

The cyber attacks quickly led yesterday to identify the suspect. When the boy was seized computers and digital data carriers. The boy is now in police custody and interrogated by detectives from the High Tech Crime Team. He has a confession about attacks on MasterCard and Visa. The boy is probably part of a larger group of hackers, to which the investigation continues. He was arraigned Friday on the judge in Rotterdam.

The actions of the Wikileaks sympathizers are conducted under the name Operation Payback. Wikileaks recently published confidential documents from the U.S. government.


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ALL TV OUT. ALL TV RELATED INTERNET SITES OUT. Courts artist Elizabeth Cook works on her impression of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court, outside the court in London, where he was remanded in custody today after appearing in court on an extradition warrant.

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