Anorak News | Man-Made Tsunami Hits Tuvalu Domain: Land Prices Remain Buoyant

Man-Made Tsunami Hits Tuvalu Domain: Land Prices Remain Buoyant

by | 13th, December 2010

CANCUN climate chats are over. Skins have been tanned and winter climate cooling avoided by our elected elite. Last time round the chattering was held in Copenhagen. It was freezing at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Mistakes will not be repeated. But surely the debate on manmade climate change is so much hot air.

Do we believe it? Do the markets believe it? Eero Iloniemi is managing editor of the Finnish weekly newspaper, Nykypäivä,. Says she:

The prime minister of Tuvalu, Apisai Ielemia, said rich Westerners were allowing his nation to perish. He showed a group of journalists, me among them, a video of floods that threaten to wash his tiny Pacific island nation to the sea…

After showing the film, Ielemia took questions from journalists who were clearly shocked by the footage. I, too, got a chance to ask a question of the accommodating prime minister.

‘Mr Prime Minister. In view of the impending deluge, how much have land prices fallen on Tuvalu?’ I stammered.

Well. Quite.

For some reason my question completely silenced the room packed with environmental press. After what I will charitably call an inquisitive stare, the prime minister gave his longwinded answer full of long-term projections of rising ocean levels. To be fair, he concluded with a simple declaration: ‘Land prices have not been affected.’

One positive thing about the campaign on manmade global warming is that direct action gets the story on the news agenda and gets the elite to notice. Our political masters do not listen unless they are forced to. The students know that…

Update:  Gizmodo reports that domain registrar is “recommending against people buying .tv names because Tuvalu is sinking into the South Pacific”.

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