Anorak News | Hurrah For The Students: Prince Charles And Camilla Make For A Unifying Target

Hurrah For The Students: Prince Charles And Camilla Make For A Unifying Target

by | 13th, December 2010

THE student protests against a rise in university fees have been reduced in the mainstream media to a fight between the violent minority and the police.

The other big thread is that the Rolls Royce carrying the hypocrite Prince Charles and his lady wife Camilla was attacked. (Did anti-warming campaign Charles having the car’s heating on while the window was wound down to take in the atmosphere?)

Had the Queen been in the car, we’d have cared. The country would have been split. Condemnation would be rife and moods foreboding. But Charles and Camilla do not excite much sympathy, do they?

Are these two craven cretins closer to god then thee? This is Charles who straddles ancestral privilege and rides the life out of while telling us about modern life. Charles has the best of both worlds.

So. Here is soggy, soft, wet, grasping Charles and his adulterous misses who carry on regardless being poked at by a serf talking loudly and carrying a big stick. What providence sent them down Regent Street at such a time. We’d wager is was God’s will, or may that of a few copper who think… Well. Who think.

Tsk! How very terrible. The only surprising thing is that the attack wasn’t enough to unite the entire country to the student cause.


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File photo dated 11/04/10 of Liberal Democrats Party Leader Nick Clegg and Vince Cable as they put the finishing touches to the Liberal Democrats party election manifesto at Mr Clegg's Putney home.

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