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Saving The Education Maintenance Allowance With A Digital Gun

by | 13th, December 2010

THE protest against the axing of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) in Victoria Street, Westminster, London, is now memorable for a photo of a protestor aiming an imaginary gun at the police. He is duly carted off to the nick by said police for, we imagine, the crime of aiming his fingers in a threatening manner. Had he also screamed “BANG! BANG!” and made a clicking sound as if cocking his digital pistol, he might well get ten years jail for manslaughter. The police are getting tough on thought crimes.

The EMA gives hundreds of thousands of England’s 16 to 18-year-olds £30 a week if their household income is below £20,817, £20 a week between £20,818 and £25,521, or £10 a week between £25,522 and £30,810. The cash is to be used on books and study aides and tools. If the students fail to attend class, the cash is stopped.

The protests are not going away. The youth want to be heard. But if the elite will not listen, do they have a choice but to take more direct action? And this is only the start of the austerity measures. It’s going to get harder…

Autonomous Mind speaks for many:

However I can now envisage violence being justified as a means to an end – not in order to demand money from the government, but rather demanding the restoration of democracy and representative governance. Not violence to attack the police, law and order. But rather to remove those in the ruling class who abuse the law for their own ends and subvert our country, handing it over to foreign control from underneath us without mandate or permission.

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