Anorak News | World Cup 2022: Free Qatar Buys Straight Footballers (Gays Banned)

World Cup 2022: Free Qatar Buys Straight Footballers (Gays Banned)

by | 14th, December 2010

THE will be NO gays at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Homosexuality is banned in the football outpost. The French are not banned and neither are Jews and the colour red, but absolute monarchy is good at getting things down, so they might be.

Sepp Blatter says that anyone looking to be gay or having gay thoughts in 2022 Qatar “should refrain from any sexual activities“.

He goes on to say that “we are living in a world of freedom”.

By we, jokey Sepp presumably means the members of FIFA who are free to do pretty much what they like, wrapping their sticky fingers on World Cup cash and prestige. And as for freedom, well if you journalists want to report on gay matters of anything the regime does not approve of t, forget it.

Reporters Without Borders’ Press Freedom Index places free Qatar at 121st on the list.

But what about those gays in your football team? The best move is to trade them. Qatar is a dab hand at trading in human flesh.

Qatar has so far bought such sporting greats as Somalian Mohamed Suleiman, eight Bulgarian weightlifters (in a $1milion nationality-change operation, Angel Popov became Said Saif Asaad, winning a Olympic bronze fro a proud Qatar at the 2000 Summer Olympics).

So, all is not lost. Any team with a gay footballer should just swap him for a straight and stay on the path of all that is pure and good in sport and morals…

Video spotter: Queerty

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