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Joanna Yeates: The Mail’s Theories, Melanie Hall And 27 Murders

by | 27th, December 2010

JOANNA Yeates: The photos, the theories, Melanie Hall and Greg Reardon.

We do not know how 25-year-0ld Bristol Joanna Yeates died. But the Mail has a few ideas.

Alongside photos of “distraught parents” David and Teresa Yeates laying “a bouquet of yellow roses with a picture of their daughter on her graduation at the scene” where her body was found and Miss Yeates’ boyfriend Greg Reardon leaving “a bunch of red and yellow carnations at the spot”, we learn:

One theory police are believed to be working on is that Miss Yeates was abducted, knocked unconscious and then died of hypothermia after being pushed out of a car and into the snow.

Theory. Believed. Any more facts?

The discovery of her body, on a grass verge visible to passing traffic, raises the prospect that the 25-year-old landscape architect was held for eight days before her body was dumped.

It does?

Her killer may have kept her captive or stored her body while ignoring emotional television appeals from her parents for her safe return.

Any more ideas?

Well, yes. The busy “Daily Mail Reporter” says the case holds…

striking similarities’ between Miss Yeates’s disappearance and the unsolved murder of Melanie Hall.


Both women were 25 when they vanished after apparently returning home following a social engagement with friends. They had short blonde hair, and their graduation pictures show two women of similar appearance.

Melanie Hall was killed 14 years ago. She was blonde. She was young. She was attractive. She was white.

Her body was then wrapped in black bin bags and tied with blue rope before being left in vegetation alongside the motorway slip-road.

Joanna Yeates body was not wrapped in anything. The similarities are not striking.  Still, dreadful news – as is the news that Avon and Somerset police are looking into the unsolved deaths of 27 people, one of whom is Melanie Hall.

The police have open cases on people like Glenis Carruthers (pictured). On January 19, 1974, the 20-year-old from Buckinghamshire was murdered. And Linda Guest. On April 21, 1985, the 35-year-old prostitute was stabbed to death. (Unlike the Miss Carruthers and Miss Hall, there is no mention of her on the police’s website. Why?)

Are these victims any less relevant because they were not blonde? Over to you, Daily Mail…


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